U.S. Army Wall Tribute - Premier

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Our Wall Tributes are made to be mounted on the wall, and are a perfect addition to the den, office, or an “I Love Me” wall.

 Available in three levels of complexity, providing a solution for any gift need.

  • Premier – Standard Wall Tribute personalized by adding a person’s name, rank, and dates of service.
    • Center of Tribute  contains the Army Emblem
    • Top of Tribute says U.S. Army
    • Left and right of Tribute contain Dates of Service or Duty Station Dates
    • Bottom of Tribute says person's name and rank

    Wall Tribute Construction:

    • Made from top quality Baltic Birch Plywood
    • 12” diameter
    • 3 layers providing 3-D effect
    • Intricately Laser Cut and Engraved
    • Sanded, painted, treated with proprietary wood finish, and assembled by hand.