U.S. Air Force Wall Clock - Premier

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Our Wall Tribute Clocks are made to be mounted on the wall, and are perfect to reside in the den, office, or an "I love me" wall.

Available in three levels of complexity:

  • Premier – Standard Wall Tribute Clock personalized by adding a person's name, rank, and dates of service
    • Center of Tribute contains Air Force Emblem
    • Top of Tribute says persons Name and Rank
    • Left and Right of Tribute contains Dates of Service or Duty Station Dates
    • Bottom of Tribute says United States Air Force
Wall Tribute Clock Construction:
  • Made from top quality Baltic Birch Plywood
  • 12” diameter
  • 3 layers producing a 3-D effect
  • Intricately Laser Cut and Engraved
  • Sanded, painted, treated with proprietary wood finish, and assembled by hand
  • Battery operated Quartz Clock Movement
    • Operated with a single AA battery
    • Clock motor has a life time warranty.